After our articles on the 5 indicators that determine the value of an artwork and the investor's guide that we published previously to enable you to diversify your wealth through art, we did some research.

As a result, we have identified a series of young emerging artists who have captured the attention of important galleries, renowned museums and some major collectors in 2022.

As in our previous articles, we would like to remind you that we are only offering an overview of how the contemporary art market works and are in no way providing investment advice.

Brook Hsu

Taiwanese-American artist Brook Hsu studied at the Kansas City Art Institute and then at Yale University. Now based in New York, her mixed media paintings on wood panels and carpets have attracted the attention of contemporary art collectors in recent years.

Brook Hsu's work fits into the abstract and figurative trend. Inspired by symbolism, the mysterious and the dreamlike, her depictions are visually fantastic.
Using a wide range of media, she creates a world of haunting images in which she combines a host of pagan symbols and patterns.

Her approach seeks to demonstrate how pre-Christian mythological stories and existing narratives can sustain memory and still provide a range of emotions such as fear, anxiety, joy or sadness in our contemporary era.

Troubled by the death of her mother who fought cancer for 15 years, she is confronted with the struggle to represent death in her art.

Her body of work has a strong autobiographical influence. The essay-like artwork "Panic Angel" relates to her personal literary universe by featuring writings from her notebook, messages from her digital conversations and the titles of various declined exhibitions. Her aim is to be transparent and unpretentious.

Another example is the series "Aesop Looking at His Reflection in a Pond" (2019) which, on the one hand, shares the memory of the artist's deceased dog and, on the other, bears witness to the pain that fades as memories vanish.

Brook Hsu, Blue Umbrella, 2021

Brook Hsu, Blue Umbrella, 2021

Khari Turner

Originally from Milwaukee, Khari Turner experienced a deep fascination with water during her childhood. This attraction to water him in the depths of his artistic practice, so much so that this element becomes central in his figurative works, but in a rather surprising way.

Turner's paintings are full of symbolism. He blends realistic and abstract depictions of black characters and seeks to highlight the important relationship his ancestors had with water in the USA. With this reflection, he tackles the history of the transatlantic slave trade from a different angle.

By using sea water to dilute his pigments, Turner pays tribute to his ancestors, whose bodies were thrown into the ocean to become one with the water. Thus, rather than painting history, he paints with history.

Turner's thinking goes so far as to transform his painting into an anthropomorphic metonymy since, to compose his colors, he uses a ratio of water equivalent to the percentage of water contained in a human body.

Khari Turner's articulation made its mark in 2022. Having successfully sold his his work "Breathing is my occupation" for $70,000 at Christie’s, he made his first solo appearance on the international market in April 2022 when he participated in the Venice Biennale at Palazzo Bombo with the exhibition "Personal Structures".

Emerging artist Khari Turner in front of her painting _Black Alternative 2_, 2021

Haley Josephs

A 2014 graduate of Yale University, Haley Josephs has accumulated an impressive string of solo exhibitions in New York from 2016 to 2020.

The 2020 exhibition marked a real break with her painting, which until then had been produced exclusively with oil colours. The display "Paintings and Drawings for Childhood's End" shows a new facet with Josephs' large-scale drawings in coloured pencil.

Josephs' path is an exploration of the course of life from childhood through old age, the continuity of the spirit in the afterlife and sometimes the rebirth of the soul.

It mainly uses bright colours that are mixed on the canvas to create lonely figures that embody the artist's own emotional trauma. By adding and subtracting layers of colour, the images, inspired by the surrealist movement, come to life.

In 2021, Haley Josephs' international acclaim was confirmed when she joined the collection of the X Museum in Beijing and started being represented by the Almine Rech Gallery in Brussels. She’s currently organising a first solo exhibition in Belgium.

Painting A Place That Is No Place by emerging artist Haley Josephs

A Place That Is No Place,t Haley Josephs

Emma Mcintyre

Emma Mcintyre has created an alphabet of abstraction. Her approach, which freely borrows the codes of the history of abstraction, can be considered a form of libertine abstraction.

From a pictorial standpoint, the first reading of her works gives an impression of spontaneity that can be understood as an explosive summing up of the history of abstraction.

However, as soon as we look at the artist's thoughts, a new reading is offered to us. The complexity of the reflection and the magnitude of the commitment to propose new compositions using the historical codes of abstract art makes us forget the apparent spontaneity of her creations.

Mcintyre's compositional codes are as vast as the variety of tools she uses to express herself. Thus, brushes, stains, drips of paint, oil sticks or even her own body are used to propose a painting that bears no allegiance to any particular current.

Originally from New Zealand where she participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions from 2011 to 2019, Emma Mcintyre has made a name for herself on the international scene after two solo exhibitions in the USA (2021) and Paris (2022).

Painting by emerging artist Emma Mcintyre

Su Yu-Xin

Su Yu-Xin's painting has an originality never before seen in our time. Initiator of a new style, Su Yu-Xin proposes delicate landscapes that are not restricted to capturing a moment. The artist's approach tends to explore the complexity of a moment or a vague feeling of life.

Her landscapes offer different rhythms of observation triggered by alternating horizons. The multiplicity of perspectives and the shift from figuration to abstraction generates static yet dynamic images that convey the fluidity of the human experience.

Su Yu-Xin's approach renews the concept of landscape by combining still life, graphic lines, fragments of texts and reminiscences. The representations she proposes thus suggest a hybrid scope of vision tinged with a profoundly contemporary impressionism.

Exhibiting since 2015, the artist has had a persistent appeal in London and has participated in several exhibitions in Beijing and Taiwan.

Collecting yellows 2019-2021, 25X18X3.2CM, 2021, by emerging artist Su Yu-Xin

Collecting yellows 2019-2021, 25X18X3.2CM, 2021, Su Yu-Xin

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