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Art Storage


Located in Luxembourg, at Europe's heart, our facility provides unmatched art storage with top security, ideal preservation conditions, and notable tax advantages.

We are committed to delivering the highest care and protection for every artwork, ensuring our services meet the exacting standards of elite collectors and art portfolio managers.


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Premium controlled environment for all artworks

Our purpose-built facilities offer premium storage spaces, perfectly suited to accommodate a broad spectrum of artworks. From the most delicate paintings to the most imposing sculptures, every piece is treated with the highest care and maintained in optimal conditions.

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Specialized conservation for sculptures

Understanding the uniqueness of each sculpture is crucial. Our dedicated spaces ensure tailor-made conservation conditions to maintain the aesthetic and financial integrity of these works.

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Innovative solutions for contemporary art

Contemporary art poses unique conservation challenges. Our facilities are equipped to accommodate large, organic, or extremely fragile works, ensuring their preservation under the best conditions.



Anti-intrusion security and surveillance

Our site is equipped with the latest security technologies. Sophisticated anti-intrusion systems, constant monitoring, and strict access protocols ensure unparalleled protection.


Ideal conservation conditions

Our facilities are designed to maintain stable climatic conditions, essential for the long-term preservation of artworks. Advanced air conditioning and filtration systems ensure an optimal environment.


Confidentiality and discretion

Confidentiality is paramount in our operations, ensured by cutting-edge security systems and a team of highly trained professionals dedicated to safeguarding your collection with the utmost discretion.

Customized approach for art galleries and collectors

At Fortius, we understand that the needs of art galleries and collectors can vary. That's why we offer a personalized approach, catering to the specific requirements of each client.

Whether for a short period or long-term storage, we adapt to your unique needs, offering tailor-made solutions for storing your precious artworks.

"As an art collection manager, I was particularly satisfied with the storage services offered by Fortius. They truly understood my requirements for security and climate control, thus ensuring the optimal protection of our artworks. Their commitment to confidentiality was also a convincing factor."

N. Girard

Art Collection Manager


Looking for a storage solution for your art collections?


For the storage of artworks and sculptures, we implement cutting-edge anti-intrusion security measures. Each storage space is equipped with advanced monitoring systems to cater to the specific needs of each piece. 

Our storage solutions are designed to offer the best conditions, thus ensuring the optimal conservation of each sculpture, whether displayed in an art gallery or stored in our facilities.