Fine Art


As experts in the storage of art works at the Freeport of Luxembourg, we carry out supervision missions that guarantee the integrity of your shipment in transit within the warehouses of Luxembourg Airport.

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Our supervision services are able to enhance the quality and security of your art shipments transiting through the warehouses of Luxembourg Airport.


Our supervisors maintain a constant presence through every phase at the airport, from the moment your shipment arrives by road or air. With access to all critical cargo zones including truck ramps, pallet buildup/breakdown areas, and plane operations, we guarantee vigilant oversight over your artworks at all times.

We also offer temporary and secure storage solution in a specially designed area for items requiring heightened vigilance, ensuring your shipments are safely housed when awaiting further processing or transportation.


Let's plan the supervision of your future shipment together

Whether you are a shipper or consignee looking to discuss a supervised shipment or a forwarder eager to expand your services with our supervision expertise, Fortius is at your service.


Absolutely. We understand that every piece of art is unique. Our service is fully customizable to meet specific requirements, whether it's temperature conditions, security, or timing.