Your watch collection deserves world-class protection

Keeping objects as precious as collection watches not only comes at a huge insurance premium cost, but also poses a gigantic risk of having your collection pieces damaged by accident, disappear or stolen.


Eliminate risks and keep your insurance premium in check

Fortius’ storage facilities are located within the Luxembourg Freeport and are certified to provide very high-level security.

Controlled atmosphere, video surveillance system, biometric access controls, and guards present 24/7; access to the warehouses is subject to multiple security procedures that guarantee unlimited insurance capacity as well as controlled premiums for our clients.


You want to keep your collection watches safe and enjoy optimal security?

For every watch stored with Fortius, we will take care of a second watch for free.

What are the other advantages of organizing storage with Fortius?

Visual inspection and complete inventory included

The Fortius team is aware that the value of a watch also depends on the provided documents and accessories.

Therefore, our employees take care to accurately document the contents of each package.

Regarding more technical interventions such as opening a case, Fortius organizes the intervention of a watchmaking expert on site.

Do you want to ensure complete documentation to guarantee the value of your investment ?


VAT suspension regime

Thanks to its location, Fortius allows its clients to benefit from a VAT suspension regime on all services provided within the facilities.

From storage to sale or purchase, including packaging or management of your collection, you do not pay VAT as long as your precious items are stored in our warehouses.

This particularly advantageous tax measure for collectors allows you to optimize your cash flow.

Do you want to learn more about the VAT suspension regime and the benefits this tax advantage could bring you?

Customized protective packaging

As soon as your collection items are stored with Fortius, we take care to provide additional protective packaging to ensure their integrity.

The custom-made packaging we offer is both dust-tight and composed of chemically neutral materials. You are thus guaranteed to retrieve your items in the same condition as they were when you entrusted them to us.

Do you want to ensure the preservation of your collection watches by entrusting them to a specialized team in collection management?


Private sales organization

Storing your collection watches also allows you to take advantage of private sales rooms where you can buy or sell your collection pieces under the VAT suspension regime. Thus, whether you are a buyer or seller, VAT remains suspended as long as the items remain stored in one of the duty-free ports worldwide.

Finally, the pieces sold or purchased benefit from our expert service which will take care of administrative and customs formalities if necessary.

Do you want to benefit from all advantages offered by Fortius? Contact us now and take advantage of our welcome offer: 1 item stored, 1 storage for free.

You want to keep your collection watches safe and enjoy optimal security?

For every watch stored with Fortius, we will take care of a second watch for free.