Our Fine Art
Logistics heritage

Fortius, formerly Fine Art Logistics Natural Le Coultre, was established in 2014 as the Luxembourg subsidiary of the Swiss group Natural Le Coultre and benefits from all the experience gained in the storage, handling and logistics of works of art and collectibles.

mise en caisse d'une oeuvre d'art par Fortius

Over 150 years of experience
in the preservation of your
precious objects

Natural Le Coultre is one of the leading providers of free zone storage solutions for collection items.

As the main tenant of Europe's largest free port dedicated to works of art, valuables, archaeological goods and precious stones, the group has acquired considerable know-how in logistics and storage through its companies Fine Art Transport Natural Le Coultre and Expositions Natural Le Coultre.

Over the past thirty years, Natural Le Coultre has experienced a rapid international evolution. In addition to its historical presence at the Geneva Freeport, the company has developed the Luxembourg and Singapore Freeports. Services have also evolved to offer customized support for all types and sizes of collections.

An independent
company closer
to its customers

With the sale of the Natural Le Coultre group in 2017, its Luxembourg subsidiary became fully independent.

Rebranding under its new identity Fortius enables it to proudly show its independence while honoring its heritage and the experience acquired by collaborating with its former parent company.

This new-found independence has also enabled Fortius to become more reactive. Today, it can pride itself on providing the quick turn-around times necessary to satisfy collectors, art dealers, exhibitors and stakeholders in the cultural world.

Fortius continues to manage the activity in Luxembourg in the same way that made Fine Art Logistics Natural Le Coultre so successful.

Take advantage of our infrastructure in Luxembourg and secure your collection items