All the necessary services for managing your art collection

Our art collection management services are designed to meet the specific needs of collectors.

The proximity of our facilities allows Luxembourgish art collectors to benefit from world-renowned expertise in one of the most secure places in the world.

Short to long-term

Has your collection expanded and are you facing a lack of space or increasing insurance premiums?

Fortius Luxembourg is undoubtedly the best alternative to address both of these issues.

On the one hand, we have an environment specifically designed to ensure the preservation of artworks, and on the other hand, the very high level of security in our storage rooms allows you to enjoy excellent insurance premiums.


 Are you going on a relaxing trip abroad? Don't leave your artwork at the mercy of all risks. Fortius offers you a free storage option during your absence.


Artwork transportation

Are you participating in exhibitions or do you need to move one or several pieces of artwork?

The proximity to major transportation routes and access to the tarmac of Luxembourg airport allows us to ensure fast and secure transportation worldwide.

For your convenience, the Fortius team also manages all customs formalities related to travel to or from Luxembourg.

Custom Art Packaging Services

Fortius offers professional packaging services for your artworks, ensuring safe and proper handling during transportation and long-term storage.

Our packaging experts use high-quality and chemically neutral materials to protect your artworks against damage, dust, and moisture.

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Photography and
Collection Inventory

Would you like to be able to showcase your collection without having to physically display each artwork?

Fortius offers a photography service in a studio located at the heart of our highly secured facilities.

The shots are provided to you in digital format and make up a richly illustrated collection catalog, allowing you to easily organize sales or exhibitions.

Exhibitions and
private sales

Looking for a unique venue to host your event? Fortius offers a sumptuous setting in one of the most secure buildings in the world, where your artworks can be admired in complete privacy.

Our lobby can accommodate up to 150 guests in a space of over 800 sqm surrounded by 8 private showrooms equipped to showcase your artworks in the best possible conditions.

Our facilities can also be rented for private sales while benefiting from the VAT suspension regime.


Artwork restoration

Some of your artworks need to be restored? Fortius Luxembourg works with renowned experts specialized in art restoration.

While minor touch-ups can be carried out within our facilities, more serious restorations are entrusted to professional and recognized workshops partnering with Fortius. By entrusting us with your paintings, you avoid the risks associated with long-distance transportation to foreign workshops, while benefiting from meticulous work carried out in a perfectly adapted environment.

Are you leaving to relax abroad? Don't leave your artwork at the mercy of all risks. Fortius offers you a storage formula for free during your absence.

All services provided by Fortius Luxembourg are deemed to be carried out under the VAT suspension regime as long as the works are stored in our warehouses.

To take advantage of this benefit and optimize your cash flow, we are at your disposal to discuss the storage terms of your artworks.