The best location to store your art collections and collection items

The most advantageous VAT suspension system

One of the unique features of the Luxembourg High Security Hub (formerly Le Freeport Luxembourg) is that it benefits from a unique VAT suspension regime on goods but also on services provided within the free zone (storage, handling, expertise, restoration, photography, etc.). This unique regime greatly benefits collectors and investors who do not wish to exhibit their works in private spaces.

Salle d'entreposage Fortius de grand volume au Luxembourg high security Hub

11,000 m2 of
modular space

Fortius offers storage space that allows you to store masterpieces of all sizes.

In addition, we are able to organize the storage of your artworks in a shared room or in a private room. Whatever your choice, you can rely on Fortius' expertise in terms of conservation, logistics, discretion and security.

Take advantage of our infrastructure in Luxembourg and secure your collection

An impregnable high-tech
fortress for artworks

The storage facilities are built directly adjacent to the Luxembourg airport’s security perimeter to which access is strictly controlled.

In addition to this first level of security, the facility itself is equipped with the latest technology to ensure its inviolability. Access to the facility is strictly limited to authorized persons, a state-of-the-art video surveillance system covers every sensitive area and an active 7/24/356 guard service is dedicated to the facilities.

Finally, the building is equipped with a neutral gas fire fighting system to ensure the preservation of the stored items in all circumstances.

Entrée sécurisée du showroom dans les locaux de Fortius Luxembourg

insurance capacity

The quality of the infrastructure is recognized by all major insurance groups. As a result, there is unlimited insurance capacity for all goods stored in Fortius' storage rooms.

Manutention et accrochage d'une oeuvre dans un showroom Fortius

An ideal place to
exhibit works and
organise a sale

The Luxembourg High Security Hub has a unique lobby where you can organise an original reception or temporary exhibition of your collection.

Our facilities also have private showrooms where it is possible to organise sales, while benefiting from the free zone’s own VAT exemption regime.

Accrochage privé pour exposition dans le showroom de Fortius Luxembourg