Customs management services for artwork

Our expertise in customs management
for your cultural goods.

Our comprehensive solution for customs management of artwork integrates seamlessly with our other services, including storage, transport, and preservation of the works.

During our customs interventions, we ensure full compliance with international standards, particularly in terms of customs declarations or during our interactions with the customs service.

Preservation and compliance at the heart of our customs management service

At Fortius, preserving artworks and complying with regulations for the transport of cultural goods are at the core of our customs management service. We strictly adhere to EU regulations for the temporary and permanent import and export of art collection pieces, thus offering high-quality services for your artworks and historical objects.

Each work is treated with the utmost care. Our role is to preserve the integrity of each piece and to rigorously manage customs formalities, such as export certificates, export licenses, and temporary export or exit permits (TEP), to ensure the smooth movement of artworks out of Luxembourg and the EU.


For artworks coming from outside the EU and intended to be delivered outside Luxembourg, Fortius provides Community Transit documents. These documents allow for the transport of goods under temporary suspension of duties and taxes, with customs clearance carried out at the final destination.

Fortius benefits from a comprehensive guarantee that covers customs obligations from the point of departure, such as Luxembourg airport, to the final destination, such as the exhibition venue. We go further by also offering a supervision service at the airport for transit collection items, thus ensuring complete and flawless care from their point of departure to their final destination.

Our specific services for managing your customs formalities

Fortius holds remarkable expertise in ensuring customs compliance for artworks imported or exported to/from the European Union.

  • Active management of import and export licenses, crucial for cross-border movements, including temporary exports.
  • Strict adherence to EU customs regulations, ensuring meticulous tracking for each artwork to guarantee their compliance.
  • Close collaboration with customs authorities and public institutions for a smooth transition of works across borders, by preparing and presenting the necessary documents.
  • Expert advice to navigate the complexities of customs laws, offering detailed and personalized assistance to meet the specific needs of each artwork.

"As the director of an international art gallery, I faced numerous challenges when shipping precious artworks across the globe. Fortius stepped in and offered us a comprehensive solution for customs management. Thanks to Fortius, we were able to transport rare and invaluable pieces safely and in compliance, avoiding customs complications.

F. Denis

Art gallery director

Ensure the safety and optimal preservation of your collection, and guarantee full compliance with EU customs regulations by entrusting us with your artistic heritage.


Fortius is not limited to customs formalities exclusively related to the free port, free zone, or Luxembourg High Security Hub.

As a customs agent in Luxembourg, Fortius covers a wide range of operations, including imports and exports through Luxembourg Airport, as well as transportation for Luxembourg collectors.

Additionally, for international operations, Fortius extends its customs services beyond Luxembourg's borders thanks to a network of partners specialized in the transport of artworks. These partners are carefully selected for their expertise in managing art transportation across Europe and the rest of the world, ensuring expert care and compliance with international standards.

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