FINEXITY entrusts us with the storage of Christo’s drawing “L’Arc de Triomphe, Wrapped”

If you have been following the news lately, you have probably heard about L’Arc de Triomphe, Wrapped in Paris - Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s final project.

The nearly 25 000 square meters of resplendent, aluminum-coated blue polypropylene fabric covering the iconic Arc de Triomphe were visible from September 18th 2021 until October 3rd 2021.

One of the original planning drawings by Christo - owned by FINEXITY - is actually currently stored in Fortius’ facilities in Luxembourg.

FINEXITY: Liberalisation of financial markets

FINEXITY is a Hamburg based Fintech-Company. It is one of the first companies worldwide to offer tokenized Investment opportunities into liquid alternatives and looks after more than 6.000 registered investors.

Logo Finexity

It was founded by the experienced Start-up founders Paul Huelsmann and Henning Wagner, currently employs 35 people and has 10 Million Euros in assets under management.

Since its founding in 2018, FINEXITY has been pursuing the goal of providing private investors with access to exclusive alternative capital investments. They want to enable all investors to recreate a portfolio structure that is otherwise only available to very wealthy or institutional investors. In doing so they are driven by the deep conviction that, especially in times of zero interest rates, broad diversification across different asset classes is the key element for long-term wealth creation.

If you are interested in buying a digital share of Christos L'Arc de Triomphe you can make a buying offer to the FINEXITY customers that are already invested into the project, through our secondary market.

Our partnership with FINEXITY

FINEXITY entrusts Fortius with transport management, handling and packing, transport and insurance formalities from origin to final destination, HD photography and management of an electronic collection inventory of different fine art pieces.

“Our first discussion with Fortius has been an incredibly efficient one and has led to an instant decision of storing our valuable assets in one of the safest tax-free areas in the world. We definitely appreciate the consistent and detailed communication when it comes to our assets being stored and the great organisation when it comes to visiting the beautiful premises of the storage area and organising events. We are looking forward to the continuous productive partnership and can only appreciate and value it.”

Karina Revenco - Finance & Alternative Assets Manager de FINEXITY

“We’re extremely proud that FINEXITY has chosen Fortius as their art storage and handling partner. They understand the art market very well and are keenly aware of the specific requirements when it comes to investing into physical assets such as art. Our proven track record in managing physical works of art provides FINEXITY with the confidence to continue to grow their cutting-edge art investment business, knowing that the underlying assets are perfectly safe and preserved under optimal conditions.”

Claude Herrmann - Managing Director de Fortius