Our storage solutions

The most secure art storage
facility in the heart of Europe

Our storage facility for artworks and collection items is located in the free zone of Luxembourg airport.

This highly secure area, which features the highest standards of security, access restriction and fire protection, allows you to benefit from unlimited insurance capacity with all fine art insurance companies.

Furthermore, our facilities enable us to customize the storage environment according to the conservation requirements inherent to the works of art and valuable objects for which we are responsible.

Take advantage of our facilities in Luxembourg and protect your collection

Aperçu des installations Fortius au Luxembourg High Security Hub de luxembourg

Luxembourg High
Security Hub

In addition to enjoying an ideal location in the center of Europe, the Luxembourg High Security Hub (formerly Le Freeport Luxembourg) allows you to benefit from a warehousing environment that takes advantage of a VAT and customs duty suspension regime on goods and services.


The restricted access control to our facilities, the surveillance, the layout of the storage areas and the high degree of qualification of our staff and partners ensure complete discretion to our clients.

In addition, we are able to guarantee total confidentiality thanks to access codes known only to eligible parties.

manutention d'une oeuvre d'art par les équipes Fortius

An ideal conservation
environment for
your collectibles

  • Ultra precise thermostat
  • Spaces controlled by thermohygrographs
  • Real-time monitoring of the conservation environment
  • State-of-the-art ventilation, air conditioning and air filtration facilities
  • 24-hour maintenance and troubleshooting service
  • A building that is completely self-sufficient in energy for 72 hours (diesel generator, batteries for certain technical installations)