Fortius Luxembourg participates in the World Art Foundations 2022 Conference

On 28 and 29 September 2022, Fortius is proud to participate in the inaugural WAF conference to be held in the majestic Villa Arconati in Milan, Italy. An opportunity for us to introduce you to the World Art Foundations and to take a closer look at current issues in the world of art foundations.

WAF conference Villa Arconati, Milan, Italy

At the conference, we will have the opportunity to highlightthe benefits of creating partnerships between the various actors in this field to enable them to fulfil their mission of disseminating works of art to an ever wider public.

The WAF, its DNA and mission

Created in 2014, the World Art Foundations responds to the need felt by its founders to create a network of art foundations from around the world.

The expressed aim of the WAF is to provide a space where different stakeholders can gather to exchange ideas, communicate more easily and help each other to solve issues specific to theworld of art foundations.

In addition, the digital platform launched in 2020 has already brought together more than 380 foundations that are keen to involve a wider audience, in addition to their usual visitors, in their missions, art collections and educational programmes.

To enable the success of its mission, WAF has designed a framework structured around the three instrumental pillars necessary for art foundations.

  • First of all, the platform allows members to benefit from shared experience in terms of collection management, loans, acquisitions, exhibitions or conservation of artworks.
  • A second pillar aims to facilitate the dissemination of all the various arts to the public.
  • Finally, the programme offered by WAF allows members to ensure the organisational soundness of their foundation.

In practical terms, the programme allows more than 380 foundations to participate in:

  • Video interventions that shed light on the foundations
  • Monthly talks to exchange experiences
  • Q&A sessions between foundations
  • Roundtables
  • Exclusive lectures

With this initiative, WAF provides an opportunity for foundations to overcome their isolation and facilitate access to their rich collectionsto the international public by acting as anamplifier for their various actions.

WAF 2022 Conference Programme

The conference initiated by the World Art Foundations is intended to be a unique moment where all art foundations from around the world have the opportunity to come together. The 2022 conference will convene founders and leaders of arts foundations around a central theme: Exploring the Strategic Role of Art Foundations to Strengthen Creative Potential.

During the two-day conference, no less than twenty countries will be represented by more than fifty lecturers. They will address issues of current concern to the art world and in particular to art foundations.

Fortius transport with direct access to the tarmac of Luxembourg airport

Topics will range from "reflecting on the role of foundations in the 2020s" to "retaining the wishes of founders from generation to generation", to the impact of art in a decarbonising world.

Fortius Managing Director Claude Herrmann will speak on the issue of "Innovative Approaches for Impactful Outcomes".

The various speeches will be interspersed with round tables and networking sessions to allow participants to exchange views on the future of the art world and the actions to be taken to ensure the spread of artistic culture.

This unique meeting, which will bring together actors from all over the world, will also be an opportunity for all participants to create necessary synergies and contacts that will enable artistic culture to become part of a globalised world.

Successful partnerships for meaningful results

Contributing to the discussion, Fortius will share its experience and show how its particular situation has led to the creation of fruitful partnerships to meet the challenges of the art world.

On the one hand, the location in the heart of Europe and the direct access to the apron of Luxembourg airport have greatly contributed to making Fortius a partner of choice for players wishing to access new regions.

On the other hand, Fortius' partnerships with art experts, restorers or specialised photographers simplify access to services directly on site.
Collectors benefit from two major advantages: firstly, artworks that require analysis or restoration are not subject to the risks of damage due to transport. Moreover, the services provided in the Luxembourg freeport benefit from the VAT suspension regime.

Finally, partnerships with road and air transport companies open up international opportunities for museum loans and appearances at international exhibitions.

An exclusive webinar of the Fortius presentation at the WAF conference

You couldn't make it to the WAF conference and would like to take advantage of the benefits of an impactful partnership with Fortius? We kindly invite you to register for our exclusive webinar to be held in October* with Claude Herrmann, Managing Director of Fortius Luxembourg. An opportunity to share your experience on the role of foundations in a globalized art market and to raise your questions to an expert on the conservation and transport of artworks throughout the world.

*The exact date of the webinar will be communicated to you by email in the coming days.

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