Fully benefit from the advantages of the VAT suspension regime at LE FREEPORT

LE FREEPORT | Luxembourg has a unique & specific VAT suspension regime that exists nowhere else in Europe. In order to enable our clients to fully benefit from its advantages, Fine Art Logistics Natural Le Coultre in collaboration with the boutique consultancy VAT Solutions, specializing in indirect taxation, have published a set of information booklets on handling VAT. These booklets will provide all the answers for the most common questions on managing VAT related to the provision of services as well as to buying and selling precious objects at LE FREEPORT.

Linked below you will find a specific brochure for the most common types of clients:

Private Collectors

Collectors considered to be non-taxable persons, for example private individuals, certain types of holdings etc. that do not regularly sell precious objects

Galleries, Art Dealers And Other Resellers

Galleries, art dealers and other resellers that are considered taxable persons

Structured Collections, Family Offices, Foundations, Trusts, Museums

Collectors considered to be taxable persons, for example certain types of wealth management structures, foundations, trusts as well as certain museums

These booklets contain general information only. They cannot be considered to be recommendations or advice tailored to any specific situation. The information contained in these booklets can under no circumstance be considered as specific advice and its authors decline all responsibility. The authors invite all concerned persons to also fulfill their reporting duties regarding VAT in their country of establishment. The content of the booklets only relates to the reporting of activities taking place at LE FREEPORT | Luxembourg.