Why organise art sales in the Fortius showroom at the Freeport in Luxembourg?

Negotiating in our showroom under the suspensive VAT regime

There are many benefits for all art collectors who store their collection with Fortius at the Luxembourg High Security Hub.

Among these, we find the possibility of selling and buying on site under the suspensive VAT regime.

This particular tax provision proves to be very interesting for art dealers who carry out transactions within our facilities, especially because they have the possibility to significantly improve their cash flow.

It should be noted that this tax benefit is applied to all our services and as long as the work is stored within our accredited infrastructures.

A showroom for pieces of art must have equipment that favours the success of transactions.

A professional storage facility must have private presentation rooms and Fortius obviously meets this requirement. In addition, our rooms are equipped with all the equipment to hang works of art in the best conditions.

On the one hand, they benefit from a very high level of security. Thanks to state-of-the-art control equipment, the works are displayed in an ideal atmospheric environment to protect them from any degradation.

Private showroom with high level of security

And on the other hand, they are studied to optimise the quality of the presentations. Our lighting and hanging systems make it possible to create an almost museum-like viewing experience and to highlight the artworks strongest features.

Fortius has experts to support you throughout the transactions.

You can be sure that our staff, whose job is to handle the valuable pieces stored in our facilities, show particular care in protecting the integrity of objects as delicate as your works of art.

In addition, they are particularly meticulous when it comes to enhancing the presentation of our customers' collectibles.

In the case of a transaction concluded within the premises of Fortius, the various players can also be supported in carrying out the formalities essential for this type of exchange. Thus the Fortius team takes care of the formalities of transfer of ownership for a work of art which remains stored in the Freeport or the organisation of the transport if the work must be delivered elsewhere.

The presentations held in our privatised showrooms can also be personalised. The organiser can request additional services such as the provision of refreshments or a catering service.

workshop on restoration and refurbishment of works of art

Ultimately, the professionals who welcome you to our showroom are very responsive in providing our customers with services that are as flexible as they are irreproachable.

Proximity to the various transport routes.

The geographical location of our storage facilities in the free port is an undeniable advantage when transferring ownership of a precious object. While the negotiated property may well remain on our premises, it may also need to be moved to a new destination.

In such a case, logistics operations will be greatly simplified, because our storage site benefits from quick access to the main transport routes.

Our establishment near Luxembourg airport is particularly interesting insofar as it allows both rapid travel and a reduction in the number of manipulations necessary to transfer precious objects.

Cargo centre on the outskirts of Luxembourg airport

In addition, our proximity to major highways and our location at the heart of Europe greatly simplify the performance of logistics operations to closer destinations.

Are you looking for a professional storage space with a private showroom where you can sell your art? The Fortius team will be happy to answer all your questions.