In the past few years, warehousing artwork from other EU countries was a booming business in the UK, thanks primarily to a dynamic art scene energised by galleries, museums and auction houses keen to benefit from a particularly advantageous tax system. Political and economic challenges in Southern Europe, along with new laws in Germany protecting cultural property, have also maintained a steady flow of such artwork across the Channel, within the free-movement area.

With the spectre of a hard Brexit looming, under which the UK would leave the single market and the customs union, art collectors and investors will have to find alternatives.

The Fine Art Logistics Natural Le Coultre warehouses at the Luxembourg Freeport are an excellent solution for storing artwork travelling from exhibition to exhibition. Located in the heart of Europe, close to a large airfreight hub and just a few hours’ drive from major cultural capitals, FALNLC Luxembourg offers comprehensive, first-class art logistics services. In addition to handling and warehousing artwork, we also organise transportation, manage customs formalities and provide essential advice to help you properly manage your art collections.

Finally, Luxembourg also offers an advantageous tax system that benefits both artwork kept permanently within the EU and objects that are transiting.

Claude Herrmann – Director
Fine Art Logistics Natural Le Coultre, Luxembourg