Fine Art Logistics Natural Le Coultre (FALNLC) was recently awarded the ‘Made in Luxembourg’ label, which is granted to top companies in Luxembourg meeting a precise set of operating standards while boasting a strong local connection.

Our Luxembourg subsidiary, established in 2014, was required to meet a broad range of criteria established by the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce as regards its operations, from packing, handling and warehousing security to transportation, showroom presentation and several related services.

FALNLC is proud to be the first operator at Le Freeport to be awarded this label as it continues spearheading the development of fine art logistics in the greater Luxembourg area. The company has also gained from the expertise and open-mindedness of its local business partners – forwarding agents, customs agents and air freight companies – thanks to whom we’re able to offer our clients both near and far a premium level of service.

The ‘Made in Luxembourg’ label is initially awarded for five years then renewed following a further audit.

Claude Herrmann – Director
Fine Art Logistics Natural Le Coultre, Luxembourg