In our globalised world, more and more works of art transit by air as they are ferried back and forth, to and from museums, galleries, art fairs and auctions. However, artworks are most at risk not in the hold of a plane but rather while being transported and handled prior to take-off and after landing.

Storage facilities located in the vicinity of airports may lessen the risk, but unavoidably there will be a short haulage distance. At Luxembourg Freeport, we have a distinctive solution: direct tarmac access.

Direct access to the airport tarmac from LE FREEPORT | Luxembourg makes the whole job considerably easier, avoiding all the bother of road transit between the storage facility and the airport. Gone are the extra paperwork and customs bonds, transhipments from lorries, the traffic jams, the delays and all the other cost overruns.

Aircraft containers and pallets are consolidated and deconsolidated directly at the Luxembourg Freeport tarmac dock, which is set to the same temperature and humidity conditions as our specially adapted artwork storage facilities.

Faster, safer, cheaper and environmentally friendly. Many have already opted for this solution. Why not try it yourself the next time you need to ship valuables?

Claude Herrmann – Executive Manager
Fine Art Logistics Natural Le Coultre, Luxembourg