Auto enthusiasts collect cars for a variety of reasons. For some, these vehicles represent a mythical era, while others evoke bygone glory. Still other collectors have a deep, personal attachment to their cars. The sleek, flowing contours of a 1950s coupe, the sporty, angular design of the 1970s or even the futuristic aesthetics of modern engineering are today considered as true works of art.

Having observed this growing passion, Fine Art Logistics Natural Le Coultre aims to provide warehousing solutions that do it justice. Our infrastructure fully meets the long-term storage requirements for automotive treasures of any generation. Suitable ramps and loading platforms facilitate access to our warehouses, which offer ideal storage conditions in terms of elevation, space, temperature and humidity to put even the most fastidious collector at ease. In addition, direct tarmac access streamlines the transport of vehicles showcased in international exhibitions – invaluable when you consider the worth of these prized collectables!

Housing classic cars requires the care of a specialist who is able to ensure effective, flawless storage. And the Fine Art Logistics Natural Le Coultre warehouse offers exactly that. Why not entrust your cars to the experts?

Claude Herrmann – Director
Fine Art Logistics Natural Le Coultre, Luxembourg



If you have ever dreamt of investing in classic cars, CARPITAL LEGEND CARS FUND-SIF, a specialist alternative investment fund, offers a fantastic opportunity to invest off the beaten track.

When it comes to preserving prestige motor vehicles worth anywhere from half a million to two million euros, storage is a key consideration for both investors and custodians.

To mitigate risk and increase gains, CARPITAL has set out clear rules for itself. It therefore comes as no surprise that CARPITAL LEGEND CARS FUND has chosen to work with Fine Art Logistics Natural Le Coultre. Their facilities, located at the Luxembourg Freeport, offer a specially designated area where vehicles are looked after in an enclosed, secured, climate-controlled and guarded area.

Nonetheless, these cars can still be brought out occasionally for investors to admire or for display in temporary exhibitions. Given the risks involved, no provision is made to allow the cars to participate in driving events.

François ANDRIEU – Founder & CEO