Supervised by
Fortius at
LUX Airport

This shipment was supervised during its transit at LUX airport by the airport supervisors of Fortius - Fine Art Storage and Logistics.

We hope you are satisfied with our services. For any future shipment through LUX airport, why not get in touch with us directly?


Should you notice
anything unexpected?

We have taken great care during all stages of transit through the airport between the cargo plane and the waiting truck. Please get in touch with the shipment organizer who will have our detailed report and access to any photos we took during the operation.

We offer the following services to ensure your fine art shipment can pass through safely and in the shortest time possible


cargolux_BC_059 2

Our supervisors are present at every step of the journey through the airport, from the moment the shipment arrives by road or air.

Our team has access to all critical cargo zones, including truck ramps, pallet buildup/breakdown and plane operations to guarantee eyes on your artworks at all times.


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Does your shipment require courier services? We will take care of them at every step of their journey and provide them with access during the entire operation.

We are also happy to provide additional services, such as hotel booking, pickup and dropoff in Luxembourg and any other assistance they will need.

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Customs formalities &
document handling

We streamline the handling of customs formalities for artworks traveling with transit or Carnet ATA documents and cultural goods permits so the shipment can depart in as little time as possible.

Our team can also issue any import, export or transit document you might need to get to your desired destination.

Road and
airfreight booking

In addition to making sure your shipment passes safely through LUX airport, we’re also here to help with any additional road or air transport needs the shipment might have.

Why not ask us to handle the entire journey from pickup to final delivery for complete peace of mind ?

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