Whether you are a passionate art collector or simply want to learn more about the art industry, the internet is full of blogs that provide all the necessary information. In this blog post, we have compiled the 7 best art blogs for art collectors, giving you a unique overview of the latest trends, important events, and emerging artists.


Artsy is an essential website for art lovers. This online platform offers a variety of resources for collectors.

In addition to the articles and reviews offered, the site's main feature is undoubtedly its online buying guide, which allows you to search, discover and purchase artworks quickly and easily. With a constantly expanding database, Artsy has a vast collection of artworks from galleries, art fairs, and artists from around the world, covering a wide variety of styles and mediums.

Another strong point is the platform's discovery feature, which allows art lovers to find artistic creations similar to those they already love. With all these advantages, it is clear that Artsy is an invaluable resource for art collectors looking to expand their fine art collection.

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This site offers unique coverage of contemporary art news, focusing on emerging artistic movements, exhibitions, and events.

Hyperallergic stands out from other websites in that it offers as much criticism as sharp analysis of current artistic trends and exhibitions.

The reviews are written by art experts, allowing collectors to get a precise idea of the quality of the works presented. In addition, the site offers reports on the latest trends and emerging artists, giving art collectors an overview of the artists who could become the next big names in the art world.

Hyperallergic offers an educational approach that allows art collectors to better understand artworks and their context, which is particularly useful when purchasing artworks.


Artlex is a website specializing in the glossary of art and architecture.

This site aims to be an online encyclopedia of terms related to art, sculpture, architecture, and art history.

Its strength is undoubtedly its ability to explain complex artistic and architectural terms clearly and concisely.

For art collectors, Artlex is an essential resource for mastering the technical terms associated with art.

For example, the site offers in-depth explanations of very specific terms such as different types of painting and printing techniques, which are often used when buying artworks.

Artlex also offers artist biographies, analyses of artistic movements and styles, as well as articles on art history. This educational approach is essential for better understanding artworks and their context before purchasing an artwork.

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Hi-Fructose is an art blog specializing in contemporary art that focuses on the most innovative and avant-garde artworks of the moment. This blog focuses on emerging artists and some established talents. There is a wide variety of mediums such as painting, sculpture, installation, photography, and more.

Hi-Fructose aims to be a valuable resource for discovering new artists and trends.

The editorial line offers exclusive interviews with emerging artists, providing an insight into their creative processes and inspirations.

Articles on current exhibitions and upcoming art events also help collectors stay informed about the latest trends and artists to watch.

It should be noted that Hi-Fructose stands out for the high quality of the images of the artworks presented. The images are often high definition, allowing collectors to appreciate the details of the artworks. The image quality is a highly appreciated aid for collectors who purchase artworks online, as it allows them to see the details and quality of the artwork before making a purchase decision.

My Modern Met

My Modern Met is an art blog that offers a wide variety of articles on art, culture, and creativity. As a collector, this blog may interest you for several reasons.

Firstly, My Modern Met provides articles on contemporary artists, whether emerging or established, as well as on the latest trends in contemporary art.

The blog also covers the most important art events in the world, from art fairs to contemporary art exhibitions, including artistic installations in public spaces.

My Modern Met allows you to stay informed about major art events and to discover new artists or artworks.

The blog stands out for its desire to offer inspiring and unusual selections of artworks, often in collaboration with art galleries and artists. You will find ultra-original pieces to enrich your collection.


Invaluable is an essential website for collectors who purchase art objects, antiques, and collectibles at online auctions.

The database offers more than 5 million objects from auction houses and galleries around the world.

The strength of this site lies in its very user-friendly online auction experience. Buyers can search, discover, and buy artworks and collectibles quickly and transparently.

Thanks to Invaluable, collectors can follow auctions, place bids, and receive real-time notifications.

In addition, Invaluable also offers detailed buying guides, blog articles, and art market analysis to help collectors make informed decisions when buying artworks and collectibles.

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Sealed-bid auctions.

This type of auction is far less common in auction houses. This is a so-called "blind sale".
In this process, the participants do not know the amount offered by their competitor. A single fixed bid can be submitted and the best one wins the auction.

The stages of an auction.


First and foremost, the auction organiser publishes a catalogue with all the information about the exhibits on offer and typically organizes a physical display of the items for sale.

Participants are invited to have a brief look at the objects and the sales conditions. Usually, the display of the items takes place from 24 to a few hours before the start of the auction.
For the sale of prestigious or high-value items, sometimes auction houses organize travelling exhibitions to present the items to potential buyers who cannot travel to the sale location.


Artland is an exclusive social network for art enthusiasts who want to network with other enthusiasts and discover new artists.

It allows users to create a profile, post photos of their collection, and chat with collectors from around the world.

The blog is also an online art sales platform, offering a carefully curated selection of contemporary artworks. The online collection can be browsed very easily and users can buy artworks directly from the gallery or artist.

Artland also offers a discovery feature, which uses artificial intelligence to recommend artworks based on the user's preferences and interactions with the platform.

Users can also explore current art exhibitions worldwide and upcoming events.

Finally, Artland offers in-depth articles, interviews, and analyses of emerging artists and trends, as well as tips for starting an art collection.

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